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  1. How to create an effective business continuity plan | CIO
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  3. A Guide to Business Continuity Planning

And take health and safety seriously to reduce the risk of staff injuries. You should draw up a business continuity plan setting out in writing how you will cope if a crisis does occur. Making the most of the first hour after an emergency occurs is essential in minimising the impact.

Why Do You Need a Business Continuity Plan?

As a result, your plan needs to explain the immediate actions to be taken. Consider whether you'll need to give staff specific training to enable them to fulfil their responsibilities in an emergency situation. Ensure all employees are aware of what they have to do. Arranging the plan in the form of checklists can be a good way to make sure that key steps are followed. Include contact details for those you're likely to have to notify in an emergency such as the emergency services, insurers, municipal services, customers, suppliers, utility companies and neighbouring businesses.

It's also worth including details of service-providers such as glaziers, locksmiths, plumbers, electricians, and IT specialists. Include maps of your premises' layout to help emergency services, showing fire escapes, sprinklers and other safety equipment.

Set out how you'll deal with possible media interest in an incident. Appoint a single company spokesperson to handle questions and try to be positive in any statements you issue.

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Ensure staff, customers and suppliers are informed before they find out in the media. Finally, make sure hard copies of your business continuity plan are lodged at your home and at with your bank and at the homes of other key members of staff. Once your plan is in place, you'll need to test how well it's likely to perform in the event of an emergency. Although by their nature crises are hard to simulate in a rehearsal, you can assess your plan against a number of possible scenarios in a paper-based exercise.

Think about the things that would cause most disruption and that are most likely to happen to your business. Then make sure that your plan covers each of the risks. Ask yourself the following key questions:. Make some telephone calls to check that the key contacts and phone numbers that you have given are correct. Having to find the right number after a crisis could use up valuable time. Remember to update your plan regularly to take into account your business' changing circumstances. If you move into new premises, for example, you could face an entirely new set of risks.

You'd need to draw up new maps for the emergency services and amend any contact numbers necessary. Our information is provided free of charge and is intended to be helpful to a large range of UK-based gov. Because of its general nature the information cannot be taken as comprehensive and should never be used as a substitute for legal or professional advice.

We cannot guarantee that the information applies to the individual circumstances of your business. Despite our best efforts it is possible that some information may be out of date.

Disaster Recovery Plan Check List - Everything You Need In your Business Continuity Plan

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An intranet gives you the ability to alert individuals of crisis, confirm their safety, and provide critical information.

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  • How to create an effective business continuity plan.
  • Q: Is a cloud-based recovery sufficient? Is cloud storage enough or is a hard drive necessary? Q: Do you have suggestions for temporary relocation of office space until after recovery of business continuity? This may help with the cost of relocating your business.

    How to create an effective business continuity plan | CIO

    Expenses and allowances for temporary relocations will depend on the length of relocation, project conditions, relocation area conditions, and cost. They can assist you with this process which gives you more time to focus on other critical matters during this time. Q: We have a lot of home-based businesses. How do we help them?

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    A: A cloud environment is a great way to start. It can be accessible from anywhere on any device. Meanwhile, the time associated with repairing this issue can add up, especially if a problem causes a company to become non-operational. On the other hand, the cost and time savings associated with an effective BCM strategy can be substantial. In addition to eliminating the risk of outages and downtime, this strategy can help business professionals maximize their productivity and efficiency.

    BCM is a constantly moving target. As network and system threats continue to evolve, business professionals will need to adapt their BCM strategies accordingly. Otherwise, business professionals risk costly, time-intensive downtime and outages due to BCM strategies that fail to address advanced threats. In fact, if you start small, you can take a bottom-up approach to BCM — something that may help your company thrive. The deployment of incident management and alert escalation software may be a great starting point toward the launch of an effective BCM strategy. This software empowers business professionals to track and monitor incidents of all sizes.

    It even provides analytics and reporting features to help business professionals learn about incidents and determine the best ways to put outages and downtime in the past.

    A Guide to Business Continuity Planning

    Remember, the longer that you wait to deploy incident management and alert escalation software, the more likely it becomes that your business could suffer the consequences associated with outages and downtime. Start using incident management and alert escalation software today, and you can take the first step to create and launch an effective BCM strategy.

    Skip to content. If business professionals ignore network and system issues, the consequences could be dire. For instance, imagine what might happen if your company suffers a cyberattack, flood or supply chain failure. In this scenario, your critical networks and systems may slow down or stop working.

    Poor BCM can cause long-lasting harm to a company, its employees and its customers.

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    • There is no one-size-fits-all solution to BCM problems.